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Hello we are Leddie and Smoggy man, welcome to our website. We are hip hop music artists and music creation is our hobby. We have been together for some time and now we are going married. As we are preparing to tie our knot, we will provide our fans with several hip hop music that can be given as a gift -during the wedding and can get people to the floor. The hip hop music style is created by a true African music. There are several hip hop song selections that can be played in the wedding reception:

Wobbly’s ‘’V.I.C”

Outcast’s ‘’Hey gal’’

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘’Baby Got Back’’

DJ Snake featuring Lil Jon hip hop song called “Turn down for what’’.

‘’Grandmasters slice’’ by the electric slide.

A study has been conducted on wedding gift wedding. Through this research, buying a gift for a wedding to the people who are close to the recipient can diverge from registry express the relationship. As Leddie T and Smoggy man, we present to you the hip hop gifts that that our true fans need in their lives.

Embroidery work-This is a handy embroidered that can have writings that says’ ’I am hustling’ ’in a black floss of embroidery to a floral fabric that is contrasting. The embroidery can be backed Vilene of a capacity that is strengthened. It can be hung from a nail on the wall or a shelf to bring the ghetto charm to the recipient. The embroidery can also be written by the name of the tittle of the hip hop song music from Leddie and Smoggy man.

Tights that have a picture of Leddie T can serve as a gift to our wedding. The other gift that fans can give is the ASP rocky nail decals. This is the best wedding gift that has several piano played hip hop songs. Necklaces for Leddie T and Smoggy Man can also serve as a wedding gift during our wedding.

A dish towel with Leddie T and Smoggy’s pictures is a hip hop gift material that can make us overjoyed. Also, the gift inform of the candle that resembles that of Saint Igg Azalea can bring light to our wedding as well. Cards are the common gifts in any wedding. We require cards that have unique writings on them. The writings may include: ‘you are the Smoggy man- I love my Leddie, this writings can have a picture of smoggy Man in between the name Smoggy. The other writings on the wedding card can be ‘’Because You Make Me Happy’’.

The sweatshirt that has a drawing of the picture of Smoggy can be also be nice.Av gift that is inform of a decal wall with Leddie T’s picture is also not bad on this wedding. The following are the best hip hop songs that we have selected in our wedding:

‘’I got a kick out you’ ’by Franklin Sinatra. No matter the feeling that you may have on jazz you can have a frank playing.

‘’Your easy lovin’Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothing by Mayer Hawthorne-This is a lively melody and it is a throwback and it will be nice in our wedding. It will be played on the cake cutting session.