Oldschool hip-hop


Old school hip-hop is a form of music that developed into modern hip-hop and was generally considered to be around at the end of the 70s and at the beginning of the 80s. It can be described as a selection of sounds such as simple beats from drum machines that combine with early rapping techniques and featured a selection of different artists. It also then develop in different ways and combined elements of graffiti and breakdancing to create a complex and absorbing culture that was enjoyed by many individuals around the world and especially in areas such as the Bronx in New York where it was initially developed.

The sound began developing into what is now known as old school hip-hop and was created by a selection of important groups and individuals. A selection of rappers such as the Sugar Hill gang and the Rocksteady crew played an important part in developing the sound. As well as this, important individuals such as Africa Bambaataa and Curtis Blow also played an important part in the development and style of the sound.

One way in which to tell the difference between the modern rapping style and the old school hip-hop style of rapping was in the way in which the techniques used less syllables for each bar of music with rhythms that were simpler in style. Rap battles were also common and this was also accompanied by breakdancing and graffiti. This would take place in the parks around specific cities and would develop the sound.

Hip-hop is now an incredibly large business and is worth many millions of dollars. It also includes many artists and producers and this means that it is filled with different styles and sounds. Many individuals try to make it in the world of hip-hop but few are able to succeed. However, the styles are constantly changing and developing.