Hip Hop Battles


Hip hop dance are dancing styles performed on the streets. These have evolved over the years as the music has evolved. Over the years more crews of people dancing to hip hop music have been created. These crews were made popular when they were featured in some movies in their earlier years and stages.

Due to the advances in the dancing styles, more people started choreographing the styles in both studios and in the streets. This made hip hop dancing both commercialized and outdoors music. As the advancement in the hip hop culture went on, more artists and dancers started appreciating it. This gave way to healthy competitions among the artists. This competitions was for both the musicians and the dancers. In a way the competitions always kept them in check and on their toes.

There have been many battles over the years that have seen the artists to where they are. This includes;

The International B-Boy competition.

This is also called the breaking competitions. These competitions that are wide spread over the world are used to determine the best hip hop dance crew. Apart from crews it is also use for one on one competitions. There are many competitions comprised under the international b-boy competition. These include battles such as Battle of the year, UK B-Boy championship, Battle of the year, R-16 Korea, Red Bull BC One. These competitions are found all over the world trying to come up with the best crew and the best solo act. This is arguably the best and most exhilarating hip hop battle.

World Hip Hop Dance competition.

This was a competition created in 2002. This competition was attended by many countries from around the world. It was divided into categories which included hip hop for adults, varsity, junior crews, popping for solo dancers, locking for solo dancers, breaking for adult crews. These competitions have been held yearly since then seeing to it that more countries participated from year to year. In 2015 for the first time, Gabon, Panama, Kenya and South Korea participated in the competitions.

Apart from hip hop dancing battles, there are also rap battles. These have grown from a niche interest into a vital part for the hip hop community. Over the years more and more rap battles have been held and champions determined. Most of these battles and solo battles. Some of the battles were amazing and worth taking note of. Some of these historical battles include;

Dumbfounded vs. tantrum

In 2008, this was something that each and every hip hop fan talked about. A show-stealing competition. This competition became one of the go to competitions for fans to convert people into battling fans. This is one battle that has stuck in people minds several years after it happened.

Murda Mook vs. Serious Jones.

Even with his record on the must watch video in the 2003 battle, Murda later cemented the era as one not to joked with after his battle with Serious Jones. With flawless performance and the ambiance that the fans always yearn for, this battle brought people and pulled people’s attentions making it known that jokes were not part of the whole thing.

Battles have kept the hip hop community interesting making it captivating for many fans. These are both the dance and the rap battles.